Benchmark Inks and Coatings, Inc. Water-Base products: Includes the complete line of all Pantone colors, plus Florescences and Metallics and a complete line of water-base coatings.
  • XZ-Line

    Our XZ-Line series is a water-based ink system featuring superb printability, high gloss and ease of use. XZ-Line inks are the choice for high quality, 4 Color Process work. Unrivaled pH stability = excellent printing quality. XZ-Line series is typically printed on porous substrates such as paper and board, however it will work on some films and foils. Our XZ-Line series 4 Color Process inks are the Benchmark in the industry with the highest quality, lowest maintenance, and are the most press stable inks availible on the market.
  • A-Line

    Our A-Line series Is a water-based high gloss ink system. Primarily designed for paper and board, although it will also work on some films and foils. Our A-Line inks possess excellent printing characteristic, high gloss and deep, rich, clean Pantone colors. Our A-Line Pantone colors can be used to mix any and all Pantone shades. A-line inks are the Benchmark of the industry for the narrow web flexographic market.
  • F-Line

    Our Film-Line series Offers the 4 Color Process set along with the full Pantone color range, they are designed primarily for use on non-porous, synthetic stocks (film),providing high color strength, and lower viscosity: making our inks print cleaner for longer periods with very low maintenance. Our film inks deliver excellent substrate adhesion, gloss, and superb resolubility and press stability.
Benchmark Inks and Coatings, Inc. UV Products:
Includes the complete line of Pantone UV colors, and UV coatings
  • UV Flexographic inks

    Maxxcure UV series inks are formulated to provide Flexographic printers with the highest color strength and performance of any other UV-curable Flexo ink system currently on the market. Our Maxxcure UV series inks are press-ready, fast curing, extremely glossy, low odor, superb plate compatibility, unrivaled abrasion and product resistance, along with the highest printing quality. The Maxxcure UV series delivers unmatched versatility allowing the printer to print on a wide range of papers and non-porous films and foils.